Family History


Family Roots

Read this tale of family history that takes place in formerly German territories located in southern Poland (on my mother's side) and in Lithuania and Latvia (on my father's side), written following a trip that my son and I took in August 2002. Stay tuned for updates following visits back to Poland and Latvia in 2003-04 to inaugurate memorials erected in Gliwice (Gleiwitz) and Liepaja (Libau).

Our Trip


Family Trees

Here are four extensive family trees that contain information about the Porzecanski, Kochmann, Halpern and Wertheim sides of my extended family. Some of the names are linked to old photographs of family members that we have obtained, scanned and posted. Stay tuned for more old family pictures to be posted in the months to come.

The Porzecanski Tree

The Kochmann Tree

The Halpern Tree

The Wertheim Tree